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EPI 320 Introduction To Epidemiology (4) NW

For the undergraduate student wishing to devote only one quarter to a course in epidemiologic methods. Description of ways in which variation in disease occurrence is documented and how that variation is studied to understand causes of disease. Offered: AWSp.

Autumn 2020

Line Number Section ID Credits Days/Times Room/Bldg Instructor
14917A4.0Monday, Wednesday @ 3:30pm - 4:50pmN/AKristjana H Asbjornsdottir
14918AAFriday @ 3:30pm - 4:20pmN/AKristjana H Asbjornsdottir

Additional Course Details

This course is an introduction to epidemiology--the foundation of public health sciences. 

Topics Covered

Measures of disease occurrence, patterns of disease, rate adjustment, infectious diseases and outbreak investigation, epidemiologic study design, randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, case-control studies.

Learning Objectives

  • To describe, define and apply basic concepts of disease frequency and occurrence
  • To recognize appropriate data sources for epidemiologic study
  • To define, compute and interpret measures of disease occurrence to solve problems and design epidemiologic studies
  • To distinguish between random and systematic error in the interpretation and design of epidemiologic studies
  • To recognize and apply appropriate research study designs and to compare and contrast their individual advantages
  • To define, compute and interpret measures of association and excess risk to solve problems and critique epidemiologic studies
  • To define, compute and interpret concepts associated with disease screening
  • To demonstrate integration of epidemiologic concepts through the critique of an existing published study.

Course Format

Lecture and group discussion

How You Are Evaluated

Students will be graded based on homework exercises; data analysis and interpretation assignments; discussion section quizzes; participation in PollEverywhere questions during lectures; “minute papers” during discussion sections; a mid-term and final examination.

Contact the Instructor

Kristjana Asbjornsdottir (