EPI 201 Outbreak Investigation & Response

EPI 201 Outbreak Investigation And Response (5) I&S NW QSR

Provides an introduction to infectious disease outbreaks of both domestic and global significance. Students learn about outbreak detection, investigation and response activities and methodologies through a combination of lecture, case studies, homework, and popular media. Offered: Sp.

Additional Course Details

This course is an introduction to infectious disease outbreaks for students interested in learning more about epidemiology, outbreaks, and public health. Students will learn about modern outbreaks, historic outbreaks of significance and will explore the tools that outbreak investigators use to stop the spread of outbreaks in populations and to prevent future outbreaks. Case studies and popular media are used to apply knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Topics Covered

  • Epidemiology
  • Concepts in infectious disease
  • Determinants of health
  • Outbreak investigation
  • Public health preparedness and response

Learning Objectives

  • Describe basic concepts of infectious diseases, and the social and environmental factors that contribute to outbreak occurrence and spread;
  • List and describe the steps in an outbreak investigation;
  • Interpret outbreak measurement concepts including: attack rates, exposure, risk, latency, incubation period;
  • Identify patterns of outbreak source and occurrence;
  • Describe population-level and individual-level risk factors for disease during an outbreak;
  • Identify key features of outbreak surveillance systems at local, state, national and international levels;
  • Identify and distinguish the roles and authorities of various government agencies in outbreak management and response;
  • Discuss systems-level factors that impact outbreak management and response, including emergency preparedness and response planning, surveillance system performance, communications, and legal and jurisdictional issues.

Course Format

Lectures, case studies, in-class exercises, homework, review of outbreaks in the media (film and book)

Course Materials 

Spillover by David Quammen

How You Will Be Evaluated

Students will be evaluated based on their performance on exams, homework assignments, class participation and a final paper. Extra credit opportunities will be made available.