MS/MPH With Master Of Public Administration (MPA)

Degree Requirements

Department of Epidemiology
You will be required to fulfill all degree requirements for the specific Epidemiology degree program to which you were admitted. The Degree Checklist specific to the degree program you are interested in detail the requirements for that degree program.

Evans School MPA
You will be required to fulfill the requirements specified on the Evans School Concurrent Degrees website. 

You may apply up to 12 graduate credits earned at the UW toward the requirements of both degrees with permission of both the Department of Epidemiology and the Evans School.

Your Epidemiology master’s thesis can replace the MPA capstone project if:

  • Your thesis contains a substantial policy/management component;
  • An Evans School faculty member is on your thesis committee.

Application Instructions

Each degree program requires a separate application. You may apply to each simultaneously or you may, during the first year in one of the degree programs, apply to the other. You will be asked on the Department of Epidemiology application and the Evans School application if you are applying to a concurrent degree program. Evaluations and admission decisions are made without consultation between the Department of Epidemiology and the Evans School.