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Holt, Victoria

Victoria L. Holt

Chair, Epidemiology
Professor, Epidemiology


PhD Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1990
MPH Epidemiology, University of Washington, 1987
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Office F-262D
Box 357236
1959 NE Pacific Street
Health Sciences Building
Seattle, WA 98195
Tel: 206-685-1643

Victoria Holt, PhD, MPH is Professor and Chair in the Department of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington and Member (Joint) in the Program in Epidemiology of the Division of Public Health Sciences at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She obtained her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Nursing and MPH and PhD degrees in Epidemiology from the University of Washington.


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Research Interests

 Dr. Holt's primary research interests are in the areas of reproductive epidemiology and intimate partner violence. Reproductive epidemiology research projects include an analysis of recent trends in US ectopic pregnancy incidence, studies on the epidemiology of adenomyosis and endometriosis (with emphasis on reproductive and contraceptive risk factors and environmental chemical exposures), and risk factors for oral contraceptive failure, including obesity. Dr. Holt has participated in several research projects concerning intimate partner violence through the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center. Recent violence-related projects concern the effect of protection orders on future intimate partner violence, and the impact of the justice system response to partner violence on the risk of subsequent violence and injury. 


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