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Students present at 38th annual Super Epi Results Meeting

UW EPI NEWS | June 4, 2019
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For the last 38 years, the students enrolled in the Application Of Epidemiologic Methods (EPI 514) course present their final projects to the Department of Epidemiology at the end of the Spring Quarter during the Super Epi 514 Results (SER) Meeting. EPI 514 gives graduate students in epidemiology the opportunity to gain experience analyzing data to answer a specific research question. This year, students analyzed datasets from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Through poster sessions and oral presentations, the SER Meeting will give students an opportunity to discuss and share their findings.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019


1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


​South Campus Center, Room 316


1:00 PM ​Introductions
1:05 ​PM Association of electronic cigarette use and chronic respiratory symptoms among adults in the US 
Alex D. Bryant, MD; Shewit P. Giovanni, MD; Thomas L. Keller, MD; Noel S. Weiss, MD, DrPH
1:20 PM Too blue to fight the flu? Assessing the relationship between poor mental health and influenza vaccine uptake in the American Indian/Native American US population
Michelle A. Bulterys, BA; Leif M. Layman, BS; Julia H. Rogers, MA; Jeffrey D. Stanaway, PhD, MPH
1:35 PM Associations of childhood asthma and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in a national sample
Stephanie R. Brown, MD; Laura E. Ellington, MD; David S. Wenger, MD; Daniel A. Enquobahrie, MD, PhD
1:50 PM Medical contraindications to estrogen and contraceptive use among women ages 18-44 in the US
Steven J. Erly, MPH; Terra R. Forward, DO; Zoe H. Rogers, BS; Elizabeth A. Micks, MD, MPH
2:05–3:00 PM Poster Session and RefreshmentsEvaluating perceived neighborhood safety and hypertension: 2017 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data
Noah L. Andersen, BS; Jennifer Liu, BS; Gregory K. Zane, BS; Stephen J. Mooney, PhD, MSPoor mental health as a barrier to flue vaccination in pregnancy: A BRFSS 2011-2017 analysis
Joni L. Anderson, DVM; Erika L. Feutz, BS; Deborah M. Foster, BS, BA; Renee Heffron, PhD, MPHAssociation between physical activity and mental health in US adults in 2015 and 2017: A cross-sectional study
Hwa Y. Chae, PhD; Morgan L. Meadows, BS; Angela Steineck, MD; Jacqueline R. Starr, PhD, MS, MPHA multi-state evaluation of mental health, firearm availability, and storage practices
Elissa K. Butler, MD; Dara L. Horn, MD; Jessica L. Stahl, MD; Alyson J. Littman, PhD, MPHOut for good: Unpacking tobacco use among sexual and gender identities
Erin E. Anthony-Fick, BS; Graham S.N. Crawbuck, BS; Lorraine C. Twohey-Jacobs, BA; Amanda I. Phipps, PhD, MPHA cross-sectional study of the association between education and non-financial delay in healthcare access among low-income respondents to the BRFSS 2016-2017
Hannah E. Atlas, BA; Mame M. Diakhate, BS; Nina N. Nganga, BA; Anjum Hajat, PhD, MPHCaregiving during emerging adulthood and its impact on frequent mental distress, smoking, and drinking behaviors
Jennifer A. Brown, BS; Deborah L. Fromel, BS; Esteban J. Valencia, BS; Rachel L. Winer, PhD, MPHClearing the haze: Budding alternatives to high healthcare costs
Ashley R. Bardon, MPH; Caitlin A. Moe, MS; Mark N. Warden, MAT, MS; Catherine M. Albright, MD, MS
3:00 PM Routine health care utilization among US adults who use marijuana 
Helena I. Archer, BSPH; Emma L. Gause, BA; Sarah J. Pickersgill, BS; Kristjana H. Asbjornsdottir, PhD, MPH
3:15 PM LGBTQ identity, social support, and mental health: Analysis of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (2014-2017)
Matthew P. Driver, BS; Hitomi Kariya, BA; Cyrus M. Wachira, MBChB; Jennifer E. Balkus, PhD, MPH
3:30 PM Association of arthritis and anti-hypertensive medication use among individuals with hypertension: A cross-sectional analysis
Chase A. Cannon, MD; Yuekai Ji, BPH; Jean W. Liew, MD; Stephen E. Hawes, PhD, MS
3:45 PM Salaries count: Education and income are associated with using fast food calorie menu labels in West Virginia and Mississippi adults: BRFSS, 2016
Leah R. Neff Warner, BS; Stephanie A. Ruderman, BS; Kaitlin A. Zinsli, BS; Jessica C. Jones-Smith, PhD, MPH
4:00 PM Adjourn