School of Public Health

Katelynne Gardner Toren

Time from HIV diagnosis to viral load suppression: 2007-2012

The HIV care continuum, the steps from diagnosis to engagement in care to viral load suppression, has recently received increased attention. While many analyses have focused on the proportion and characteristics of individuals reaching each step in the continuum, this analysis examines time from diagnosis to viral load suppression in newly diagnosed King County, Washington residents as a way to assess how quickly individuals are moving along the care continuum. A total of 1261 (85% of 1477) persons achieved viral suppression in a median time of 241 days between 2007 and 2012. Forty eight percent of all persons diagnosed in 2007 and sixty eight percent in 2012 were virologically suppressed within the first 12 months following HIV diagnosis. Differences in time to suppression by calendar year persisted when stratifying by CD4 count at diagnosis. Race was not significantly associated with time to viral suppression.