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Search for a Fellowship

Fellowships are an excellent way to enrich your experience and take your career to a new level. As you begin your search, consider what skills you want to hone and seek out programs that align with your goals.

Fellowship funding and expectations vary considerably, usually set by the funding agency. For any questions on administering fellowships, check with the UW Office of Fellowships and Awards.

Numerous Epidemiology PhD and postdoctoral students have had success securing fellowships through training grants, four of which are housed in the Department of Epidemiology. Training grant positions (“slots”) are usually advertised to current and incoming students. If a a particular training grant aligns with your research interests, we encourage you to contact the corresponding director to learn about available slots. A list of training grants offered across the UW can be found on the UW website.

Department of Epidemiology Training Grants

Non-Department of Epidemiology Training Grants

In recent years Epidemiology Students have found success applying for individual fellowship grants through various mechanisms. Two of the more common options are listed below. Our Grants Manager, Barb McLaughlin ( will provide support should you decide to submit a grant application.

NIH Individual Predoctoral Fellowships (F31 and F31-Diversity) - Barb has put together a helpful F31 application slide presentation detailing requirements and deadlines as well as giving some tips.

NSF Graduate Funding


The UW Office of Fellowships and Awards supports UW students in finding and applying for fellowships. A full range of fellowship opportunities are available on their website and staff are eager to talk with you to determine which programs best meet your professional and personal goals. The School of Public Health job listings also include some fellowship opportunities.