School of Public Health

Student Epidemic Action Leaders (SEAL) Team Support Fund

Student Epidemic Action Leaders TeamThe Student Epidemic Action Leaders (SEAL) team, launched in 2015, helps bridge the gap between our academic epidemiology training and epidemiology in public health practice. The program, which is a collaboration between the Department of Epidemiology and the Washington State Department of Health, is training “disease detectives” who will be poised to act when the next outbreak hits the region.

The Story

Janet Baseman, Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and SEAL team founder, says graduate programs tend to focus on research. While students are well-versed in the concepts of outbreak investigation, they lack practical experience. The SEAL team is designed to provide hands-on field epidemiology opportunities to School of Public Health students to allow them to explore epidemiology career opportunities in public health practice, while also supporting population health in Washington State. Students will interview outbreak cases and contacts, collect and analyze data, and help with emergency preparedness and response activities.

The Department of Epidemiology has been a leader in training the next generation of epidemiological researchers. Through the SEAL team, we aspire to also train the next generation of epidemiologists working in public health practice settings. 

About the Fund

The SEAL Team Support Fund has been established to support the SEAL team's activities. Gifts to this fund will enable us to support SEAL team operations, special events, and expand the program to other areas of field epidemiology training in public health practice.