School of Public Health

Maternal and Child Health/Women's Health

MCH and women's health epidemiologists conduct research to improve the physical and mental health, safety and well-being of the maternal and child health population, which includes all women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

Relevant Courses

EPI 521 Epidemiology of MCH Problems 
EPI 514 Application of Epidemiological Methods 
EPI 522 Reproductive Epidemiology 
EPI 517 Genetic Epidemiology 
EPI 527 Vaccines 
EPI 538 Nutritional Epidemiology 
EPI 547 Social Determinants of Population Health and Health Disparities
EPI 549 HIV/STI Prevention Research Methods 
HSERV 541 Topics in Maternal and Child Heath
HSERV 544 MCH in Developing Countries 
GH 545 Child Health in Developing Countries 


Maternal and Child Health Graduate Certificate
Global Health of Women Adolescents and Children