School of Public Health

Master of Public Health (MPH)

graduation dayEmbark on a career in health promotion and disease prevention through epidemiologic practice and research. Coursework, practicum placement, and a faculty mentored thesis give you the training and experience necessary to find success after graduation improving public health in clinical, academic, government, and industry settings.

Program Outline
The 63-credit-hour program is typically finished in six quarters of coursework (2 years). It begins in autumn quarter and requires on-site attendance for the majority of the program. You and your peers will move through the core requirements together. Faculty and staff will help you make important connections with partner departments and agencies. Our MPH program is designed to provide you with competency in a wide variety of areas that will prepare you for a career in public health practice and research.

Significant revisions to the MPH degree program across the UW School of Public Health are currently in process. These revisions will go into effect starting with the Fall 2020 incoming cohort. The new core MPH curriculum will feature five courses that all students will be required to take during their first year:

  • Foundations of Public Health
  • Analytical Skills for Public Health (two quarters)
  • Determinants of Health
  • Implementing Public Health Interventions
  • Public Health Practice.

These classes will be interdisciplinary and taught by teams, using case studies and active-learning techniques. All MPH students from across UW SPH will move together as a cohort through these core courses. Completion of the curriculum revision process is scheduled for the end of June 2019. Please visit the UW SPH Re-envisioning the MPH Curriculum website for an FAQ with more information.

Practicum and Thesis
MPH students must complete a practical experience in a public health agency (practicum), and complete a research-based master's thesis. Practicum placements and thesis research often involve working with our partner institutions, which include renowned local health agencies, hospitals, private and community health centers, and other regional programs.

How the new core curriculum may effect the MPH degree tracks offered by Epidemiology, if at all, is yet to be determined. Completion of the curriculum revision process is scheduled for the end of June 2019.

The Department attracts students nationally and internationally and welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds. You must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher by the time of entry.

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