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The National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center (NACC) was established by the National Institute on Aging/NIH in 1999 to facilitate collaborative research among the 29 NIA-funded Alzheimer's Disease Centers (ADCs) nationwide. NACC developed and maintains a large relational database of standardized clinical and neuropathological research data collected from each ADC, and this database provides a valuable resource for both exploratory and explanatory Alzheimer's disease research. NACC data are freely available to all researchers.

NACC’s principal investigator and founding director, Walter A. Kukull, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Epidemiology, where NACC has been located since its inception. Because of the value of NACC data in the study of Alzheimer’s disease – a major public health concern -- NACC has been continuously funded by the National Institute on Aging/NIH since 1999.


Walter A. Kukull, PhD (director),
Charles Mock, MD, PhD (associate director),
X.H. Andrew Zhou, PhD (associate director),
W.T. Longstreth, Jr., MD, MPH (co-investigator),
Kwun Chuen Gary Chan, PhD (co-investigator and statistician)
Yen-Chi Chen, PhD (co-investigator and statistician)
Merilee A. Tylan, MPH (lead research scientist)