School of Public Health

Internal PhD Application from a current UW Epidemiology MS or MPH

If you are a current UW Epidemiology master’s student and would like to apply for the UW Epidemiology PhD degree program, please review the application deadlines and instructions detailed below. 

 Apply by December 2 during your final year as an Epi Master's student if you would like to enter the PhD in the Fall Quarter subsequent to completing your master’s degree.

Upload the following materials to the Epi Students Canvas site. 

  1. Internal Application Form-found in the Epi Students Canvas site linked above (you do not need to submit the UW online application)
  2. Statement of Purpose. A new statement of purpose including a discussion of your current master’s thesis research in about a paragraph (including topic or title, aims, progress, and preliminary findings if any). You should have thought carefully about and done some background research into potential areas of research for the PhD. Discuss potential topics in your statement. Also describe how a PhD will contribute to your career goals. The application will be strengthened to the extent that you have identified a faculty member willing to chair your dissertation. The Statement is limited to 2 single spaced pages. Use a 12-point font.
  3. CV/Resume
  4. Master’s thesis abstract, if you’ve already written one
  5. Two Recommendation Letters. These should be letters of support from faculty and/or research supervisors who know your work well. At least one letter must be from a faculty member familiar with your master's thesis. A third letter from an epidemiology faculty member who has agreed to chair your dissertation committee will strengthen your application. Once you have confirmed who your recommenders will be, please provide their names and email addresses to Epi SAS at Epi SAS will contact your recommenders directly with instructions for uploading letters.