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Association of Vaginal Estradiol Tablet With Serum Estrogen Levels in Women Who Are Postmenopausal: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial.
(2022 Nov 1)
JAMA Netw Open 5(11): e2241743
Mitchell CM, Larson JC, Crandall CJ, Bhasin S, LaCroix AZ, Ensrud KE, Guthrie KA, Reed SD

Demographic, Reproductive, and Medical Risk Factors for Intrauterine Device Expulsion.
(2022 Dec 1)
Obstet Gynecol 140(6): 1017-1030
Anthony MS, Zhou X, Schoendorf J, Reed SD, Getahun D, Armstrong MA, Gatz J, Peipert JF, Raine-Bennett T, Fassett MJ, Saltus CW, Ritchey ME, Ichikawa L, Shi JM, Alabaster A, Wahdan Y, Wang J, Xie F, Merchant M, Hunter S, Chiu VY, Postlethwaite D, Rothman KJ, Im TM, Chillemi G, Takhar HS, Asiimwe A, Pisa F

Susan D Reed, MD, MPH, MS, NCMP 2022-2023 NAMS President.
(2022 Dec 1)
Menopause 29(12): 1351-1352
Reed SD

Increasing vasomotor symptoms: did your great grandmother really not feel them?
(2022 Oct 1)
Menopause 29(10): 1119-1120
Reed SD

Changes in serum endogenous estrogen concentrations are mediators of the effect of low-dose oral estradiol on vasomotor symptoms.
(2022 Sep 1)
Menopause 29(9): 1014-1020
Ensrud KE, Larson JC, Guthrie KA, Crandall CJ, LaCroix AZ, Reed SD, Bhasin S, Mitchell CM, Joffe H

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