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Comment on "Adoption of Point-of-Use Chlorination for Household Drinking Water Treatment: A Systematic Review".
(2023 Sep)
Environ Health Perspect 131(9): 98002
Lantagne D, Saltori R, Shaylor E, String G, Wise T, Quick R, Ramos M

An Assessment of Household Knowledge and Practices during a Cholera Epidemic- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2016.
(2022 Oct 12)
Am J Trop Med Hyg 107(4): 766-772
Chae SR, Lukupulo H, Kim S, Walker T, Hardy C, Abade A, Urio LJ, Mghamba J, Quick R

Impact Of Supply- and Demand-Side Interventions Integrated with Antenatal Care on Use of Maternal Health Services-Western Kenya, 2013‒2014.
J Health Care Poor Underserved 32(1): 338-353
Harvey RR, Luoto J, Blackstock A, Odhiambo A, Oremo J, Nygren B, Fitzpatrick M, Quick R

A Cluster Randomized Trial of the Impact of Education through Listening (a Novel Behavior Change Technique) on Household Water Treatment with Chlorine in Vihiga District, Kenya, 2010-2011.
(2021 Jan)
Am J Trop Med Hyg 104(1): 382-390
Stauber CE, Person B, Otieno R, Oremo J, Schilling K, Hayat MJ, Ayers T, Quick R

The impact of supply-side and demand-side interventions on use of antenatal and maternal services in western Kenya: a qualitative study.
(2020 Aug 8)
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 20(1): 453
Hirai M, Morris J, Luoto J, Ouda R, Atieno N, Quick R

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