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Clinic-based diabetes screening at the time of HIV testing and associations with poor clinical outcomes in South Africa: a cohort study.
(2021 Aug 10)
BMC Infect Dis 21(1): 789
Kubiak RW, Kratz M, Motala AA, Galagan S, Govere S, Brown ER, Moosa MS, Drain PK

Impact of low-fat and full-fat dairy foods on fasting lipid profile and blood pressure: exploratory endpoints of a randomized controlled trial.
(2021 Sep 1)
Am J Clin Nutr 114(3): 882-892
Schmidt KA, Cromer G, Burhans MS, Kuzma JN, Hagman DK, Fernando I, Murray M, Utzschneider KM, Holte S, Kraft J, Kratz M

Association between post-treatment circulating biomarkers of inflammation and survival among stage II-III colorectal cancer patients.
(2021 Sep)
Br J Cancer 125(6): 806-815
Hua X, Kratz M, Malen RC, Dai JY, Lindström S, Zheng Y, Newcomb PA

Associations of Pre- and Postnatal Air Pollution Exposures with Child Blood Pressure and Modification by Maternal Nutrition: A Prospective Study in the CANDLE Cohort.
(2021 Apr)
Environ Health Perspect 129(4): 47004
Ni Y, Szpiro AA, Young MT, Loftus CT, Bush NR, LeWinn KZ, Sathyanarayana S, Enquobahrie DA, Davis RL, Kratz M, Fitzpatrick AL, Sonney JT, Tylavsky FA, Karr CJ

Associations Between Maternal Nutrition in Pregnancy and Child Blood Pressure at 4-6 Years: A Prospective Study in a Community-Based Pregnancy Cohort.
(2021 Apr 8)
J Nutr 151(4): 949-961
Ni Y, Szpiro A, Loftus C, Tylavsky F, Kratz M, Bush NR, LeWinn KZ, Sathyanarayana S, Enquobahrie DA, Davis R, Fitzpatrick AL, Sonney J, Zhao Q, Karr CJ

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