Keith Hullenaar

Postdoctoral Scholar, Epidemiology


Research Areas

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Exploring Collaborative Care Effects on the Mental and Physical Health of Patients With and Without Violent Victimization Histories.
(2022 Dec 2)
J Interpers Violence
Hullenaar KL, Rivara FP, Wang J, Zatzick DF

Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Fear-Victimization Gap at School: An Examination of School Context and Trends Over Time.
(2023 Feb)
J Interpers Violence 38(3-4): 2534-2565
Kurpiel A, Hullenaar KL, Ruback RB

Assault-related injuries reported to police and treated by healthcare providers in the United States.
(2022 Jun)
Prev Med 159(): 107060
Hullenaar KL, Lyons VH, Shepherd JP, Rowhani-Rahbar A, Vavilala MS, Rivara FP

Victim-Offender Relationship and the Emotional, Social, and Physical Consequences of Violent Victimization.
(2022 May)
Am J Prev Med 62(5): 763-769
Hullenaar KL, Rowhani-Rahbar A, Rivara FP, Vavilala MS, Baumer EP

Understanding the Barriers of Violence Victims' Health Care Use.
(2020 Dec)
J Health Soc Behav 61(4): 470-485
Hullenaar KL, Frisco M

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