School of Public Health

Dibay Moghadam, Sepideh

Sepideh Dibay Moghadam

Postdoctoral Scholar, Epidemiology


PhD Nutritional Sciences, University of Washington, 2017
MPH Nutrition, University of Washington, 2013
BS Shahid Behesht University, 2006

Contact Info

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Box 19024
Cancer Prevention Program, M4-B402
Tel: 206-667-4068
University of Washington
Department of Epidemiology

Research Interests

Dr. Dibay Moghadam is interested in using Nutritional Epidemiology and big data to contribute to cancer prevention efforts through dietary behaviors and obesity prevention. She is currently working to understand how diet may affect the lipidomics data. She intends to develop a new methodology to integrate metabolomics, proteomics, and microbiome platforms. Additionally, she plans to use big data to explore other research areas during her journey to become a data-driven cancer researcher.