Anju Aggarwal

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Epidemiology



PhD International Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2011
MSc Nutrition, Delhi University (India), 2003
BSc Nutrition, Delhi University (India), 2003



Center for Public Health Nutrition
Box 353410
327 Raitt Hall
Seattle, WA 98195
Senior Behavioral Scientist


Dr. Aggarwal is a Nutritional Epidemiologist. A graduate in International Health from Johns Hopkins University, she is particularly interested in examining underlying drivers of food choices and dietary intakes across high and low/middle income countries. She is interested in identifying strategies to address barriers to healthy eating. She is a leading member of the food environment research team at the Center for Public Health Nutrition at UW, and an active member of the Food Environment Working group led by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the UK – an Initiative to conceptualize and expand the food environment research to low and middle-income countries.

Dr. Aggarwal brings expertise and extensive experience in implementing multimillion dollar epidemiological research studies, fostering interdisciplinary and multi-institution collaborations, development of study instruments and protocols, statistical data analyses, and developing peer-reviewed publications for well renowned journals.

Research Areas

Research Interests

Dr. Aggarwal’s current research brings economic and geographic dimensions to the field of nutrition epidemiology. She is focusing on: a) interactions among socioeconomic, psychosocial, and environmental drivers of food choices and their collective impact on diet quality; b) developing novel methods to characterize food environment across high and low/middle income countries in relation to malnutrition; c) leveraging latest technologies to assess diets and health behaviors, and d) cultivating the concept of nutrition resilience in the United States.

Recent Publications (PubMed)

Effect of trans retinoic acid on patients with oral submucous fibrosis-randomized single-blind monocentric study.
(2021 Sep-Dec)
J Oral Maxillofac Pathol 25(3): 411-416
Gupta A, Kumar S, Srivastava P, Rathi VC, Saxena S, Aggarwal A

Oral health status and microbial load of Streptococcus mutans in children with Cerebral palsy in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi.
(2021 Apr-Jun)
J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent 39(2): 214-220
Kaushal D, Kalra N, Khatri A, Tyagi R, Singh NP, Aggarwal A, Saha R

Antiseizure Drug Levels in Children Aged 2-12 Years Presenting With Breakthrough Seizures: A Single Center Cross-sectional Study.
(2021 Sep 15)
Indian Pediatr 58(9): 850-852
Garg R, Aggarwal A, Sharma S, Narang M, Malhotra R

A cross-sectional analysis of physical activity and weight misreporting in diverse populations: The Seattle Obesity Study III.
(2020 Dec)
Obes Sci Pract 6(6): 615-627
Buszkiewicz J, Rose C, Gupta S, Ko LK, Mou J, Moudon AV, Hurvitz PM, Cook A, Aggarwal A, Drewnowski A

Characterising percentage energy from ultra-processed foods by participant demographics, diet quality and diet cost: findings from the Seattle Obesity Study (SOS) III.
(2021 Sep 14)
Br J Nutr 126(5): 773-781
Gupta S, Rose CM, Buszkiewicz J, Ko LK, Mou J, Cook A, Aggarwal A, Drewnowski A

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