School of Public Health

Current Field Assignments

Food Safety Staff Training

Agency: Washington State Department of Health – Food Safety Program

The assigned SEAL reviewed available materials and current guidance to determine what additional information may help local health/food operators in reducing the risk of transmitting foodborne and other communicable illnesses. The SEAL developed a written document to be shared digitally on the DOH website and with food safety partners. 

Long Term Care Facility – Outbreak Reporting

Agency: Washington State Department of Health

The SEALs synthesized survey findings from interviews with local health jurisdictions about reporting of LTCF influenza-like-illness outbreaks. The SEALs helped identify the best approach for reporting of LTCF influenza-like-illness outbreaks. 

Zika Virus Response: Ongoing Support

Agency: Public Health – Seattle & King County

The SEAL Team was asked to provide additional support for Zika response in King County. SEALs were responsible for communicating CDC Zika screening guidance to health care providers, including reporting laboratory findings. 

Washington Disease Reporting System at Washington State DOH - Phase 3

Agency: Washington State Department of Health    

Continuing the work of the first SEAL cohort, SEALs assigned to this project supported the Washington Department of Health staff during a transition to a new case reporting system for the state. They developed case reporting forms, updated guidance, and reviewed content with subject matter experts.

Food-borne Complaint Reporting at Washington State DOH - Phase 3

Agency: Washington State Department of Health    

The SEALs continued a project started the the first SEAL cohort, exploring the feasibility of developing a centralized food-borne complaint online reporting system and telephone hotline for Washington State. The SEALs analyzed data from a survey sent by the Washington State Department of Health to local health jurisdictions. The main questions of the survey discussed local health jurisdictions' current complaint systems, what works or does not about current systems, and their opinions on how a centralized system might help their work.

Hepatitis C Database – Continuum of Care (Upcoming Case)

Agency:  Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Students will use skills in data management and STATA coding to build a case definition, largely defined by specific lab results, and apply it to clients in the county hepatitis database. This will classify clients’ stage on the Continuum of Care (CoC). The final product will be an automated system which will rapidly assign individuals to stages along the CoC so staff no longer have to do this by hand.  This will hopefully simplify the work of health department staff and facilitate better linkage to care for Hepatitis C + individuals.