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EPI 529 Emerging Infections Of International Public Health Importance (3, max. 3)

Focuses on the nexus between emerging infections and increasing globalization of the world due to the mobility of people and goods. Examines emergent events through risk factors and associated macro changes implicated in their genesis. Reviews microbial evolutionary strategies and factors of emergence. Prerequisite: graduate standing. Offered: jointly with HSERV 536.

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This course is not offered during the current quarter. For more info, please see the Epidemiology Course Planning Sheet at the link below.
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Additional Course Details

This is a 3 credit course that looks at recent emerging infections and their implications and impact on the population health in the United States and globally.  The course topics change yearly to keep up with an ever changing environment.    

Topics Covered

  • Overview of emerging infections
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Vector borne diseases
  • Viral infections (i.e. HIV, influenza) 
  • Health care drivers of emerging infections
  • Medical tourism    

Course Objectives

  1. Develop a realistic appreciation of the importance of emerging infectious disease  
  2. We will take a system approach and will be applied to the macro and micro dynamics of emergence
  3. Understand the paradigms and mechanisms of emergence of pathogens as outlined in the IOM reports on this topic    

Course Format

The course format is didactic topics on various issues with time for robust discussion by the students. The students will be expected to read literature prior to the class time to participate in discussion. The students will also be placed into small groups to work on their own presentations towards the end of the quarter.    

How You Will Be Evaluated

The grading for this course is based on 3 areas- participation in class, a take home short answer final and their group presentation    

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