School of Public Health

Course Registration

Step 1: Pay your tuition deposit. 

All students must pay the deposit online. Log into your UW application to access the online deposit system via your Application Status page. If your tuition is being covered in full by a funding source you can request a refund once funds have been applied to your tuition bill, if there is still a credit on your account.

Step 2: Submit required immunization records

All MPH students must fulfill the Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) requirements.

All MS and PhD students must fulfill the UW immunization requirement.

Step 3: If you haven't already, Obtain a UW NetID.
Step 4: Know your deadlines. 

New autumn students who have paid their deposit can register starting June 24 (with the exception of those using the Washington State/UW Employee Tuition Exemption*).

*Students using the Washington State/UW Employee Tuition Exemption must submit a tuition exemption form at least 2 weeks before each quarter in which they register and then register on the third day of classes. More detailed information can be found on the Tuition Exemption website.

Add/drop/change deadlines for the entire academic year can be found in the UW Academic Calendar

Step 5: Plan your course schedule.

A complete listing of Epi courses, the Epi course schedule for the current quarter and the following quarter, and the Epi Course Planning Sheet can be found on the Epi Courses site.

The Epi Degree Requirements Checklist specific to your degree program can be useful resources as you begin to plan your course schedule.

Consult with your faculty advisor and with John Paulson in the Epi SAS Office at

Step 6: Request Add Codes (if required)

Some courses require an Add Code in order to register.

Any course on the UW Time Schedule with a “>” in front of its SLN number requires an Add Code.

Request an Add Code from the department offering the course for which you would like to register.  

For Epi courses requiring an Add Code please email Kevin Schuda at

Step 7: Register

Online course registration is done through or

Be sure you have your Add Codes when you go to register.