MS/MPH/PHD With Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

The MSTP is a highly competitive, national program for students who wish to pursue an MD/PhD followed by a career in basic medical research. A general overview of the program can be found on the UW School of Medicine website. A link to specific degree requirements for a PhD in the Department of Epidemiology can be found in the Degree Requirements tab below. Application instructions for the MSTP can be found on their website.

Degree Requirements

You may apply up to 12 graduate credits earned at the UW toward the requirements of both degrees, with permission of both the Department of Epidemiology and the School of Medicine.

Department of Epidemiology
You will be required to fulfill all requirements for the Epidemiology degree program, and specific track, into which you are admitted. The PhD Degree Checklist details the degree requirements for the Department of Epidemiology PhD.

UW School of Medicine
You will be required to fulfill the requirements specified by the UW School of Medicine MD and MSTP programs

Application Instructions (except MSTP)

If you are interested in concurrently earning either a Master of Science or a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology with an MD, you must apply to each degree program separately. You may apply to both the Department of Epidemiology and the School of Medicine simultaneously. Or you may, while enrolled as a medical student, apply to the Department of Epidemiology. Evaluations and decisions about admission are done without consultation between the Department of Epidemiology and the School of Medicine.