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Epidemiology is the study of the frequency, distribution, and determinants of disease in human populations. The mission of the Department is to provide rigorous training in the fundamentals and practice of epidemiology, to contribute to the understanding of the etiology and prevention of disease, and to improve the health of the public through excellence in research.

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Loaded Handgun Carrying Among US Adults, 2015

To determine the frequency of loaded handgun carrying among US adult handgun owners, characterize those who carry, a

Brief Report: Dapivirine vaginal ring use does not diminish the effectiveness of hormonal contraception

This study evaluated the potential for a clinically relevant drug–drug interaction with concomitant use of a dapivir

Up For A Challenge (U4C): Stimulating innovation in breast cancer genetic epidemiology

Breast cancer remains a major public health burden, with an estimated 252,710 new cases and 40,610 deaths among wome


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Dr. Michael Chung checks vitals of study participant while Sharon Greene asks questions to evaluate the study