School of Public Health

Student-Published Papers

Association Between Hospital Trauma Designation and Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes after Injury among Pregnant Women in Washington State
John T. Distelhorst, Vijay Krishnamoorthy, Melissa A. Schiff

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Use by Breastfeeding HIV-Uninfected Women: A Prospective Short-Term Study of Antiretroviral Excretion in Breast Milk and Infant Absorption
Kenneth K. Mugwanya , Craig W. Hendrix, Nelly R. Mugo, Mark Marzinke, Elly T. Katabira, Kenneth Ngure, Nulu B. Semiyaga, Grace John-Stewart, Timothy R. Muwonge, Gabriel Muthuri, Andy Stergachis, Connie L. Celum, Jared M. Baeten

Strengthening paper health register systems: strategies from case studies in Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda 
Eva W. Westley, Sharon A. Greene, Gillian A. M. Tarr, Tove K. Ryman, Sarah Skye Gilbert, Stephen E. Hawes

Lower respiratory tract disorder hospitalizations among children born via elective early-term delivery
Kirkby D. Tickell, Erica M. Lokken, Torin T. Schaafsma, Jack Goldberg, and Sophia M. R. Lannon

Alcohol Use and Associations With Biological Markers and Self-Reported Indicators of Unprotected Sex in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Positive Female Sex Workers in Mombasa, Kenya
White, Darcy; Wilson, Kate S.; Masese, Linnet N.; Wanje, George; Jaoko, Walter; Mandaliya, Kishorchandra; Richardson, Barbra A.; Kinuthia, John; Simoni, Jane M.; McClelland, R. Scott

Maternal Leisure Time Physical Activity and Infant Birth Size
Sylvia E. Badon, Pandora L. Wander, Chunfang Qiu, Raymond S. Miller, Michelle A. Williams, and Daniel A. Enquobahrie

Pretreatment with Antioxidants Augments the Acute Arterial Vasoconstriction Caused by Diesel Exhaust Inhalation
Cora S. Sack, Karen L. Jansen, Kristen E. Cosselman, Carol A. Trenga, Pat L. Stapleton, Jason Allen, Alon Peretz, Casey Olives, and Joel D. Kaufman

Determinants of High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Seroprevalence and DNA Prevalence in Mid-Adult Women
Patricia Sadate-Ngatchou, Joseph J. Carter, Stephen E. Hawes, Qinghua Feng, Taylor Lasof, Joshua E. Stern, Tsung-chieh (Jane) Fu, Denise A. Galloway, Laura A. Koutsky, Rachel L. Winer

Incident atrial fibrillation and the risk of fracture in the cardiovascular health study
E. R. Wallace, D. S. Siscovick, C. M. Sitlani, S. Dublin, P. Mitchell, J.A.Robbins, H.A.Fink, J.A.Cauley, P.Bůžková11, L.Carbone, Z.Chen, S. R. Heckbert

Urinary cadmium and estimated dietary cadmium in the Women’s Health Initiative
Sabah M. Quraishi, Scott V. Adams, Martin Shafer, Jaymie R. Meliker, Wenjun Li, Juhua Luo, Marian L. Neuhouser, and Polly A. Newcomb