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National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center

National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center




The National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center (NACC) was established by the National Institute on Aging/NIH in 1999 to facilitate collaborative research among the 29 NIA-funded Alzheimer's Disease Centers (ADCs) nationwide. NACC developed and maintains a large relational database of standardized clinical and neuropathological research data collected from each ADC, and this database provides a valuable resource for both exploratory and explanatory Alzheimer's disease research. NACC data are freely available to all researchers.

NACC’s principal investigator and founding director, Walter A. Kukull, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Epidemiology, where NACC has been located since its inception. Because of the value of NACC data in the study of Alzheimer’s disease – a major public health concern -- NACC has been continuously funded by the National Institute on Aging/NIH since 1999.


Walter A. Kukull, PhD (director),
Charles Mock, MD, PhD (associate director),
S.H. Andrew Zhou, PhD (associate director),
W.T. Longstreth, Jr., MD, MPH (co-investigator),

Professional Staff

Nicole Barlow, BS (research consultant),
Duane Beekly, BS (director of computing systems),
Lilah Besser, MSPH (research scientist),
Mark Bollenbeck, MS (software engineer),
Maggie Dean, BS (research administrator),
Janene Hubbard, BS (research consultant),
Mary Jacka, BS (research consultant),
Elizabeth Robichaud, MA (public information specialist),
George Thomas, MS (software engineer),
Simone Wilk, BS (research consultant),
Joylee Wu, MS (database administrator),


Willa Brenowitz, Epi PhD candidate