School of Public Health

MPH Practicum

The MPH practicum provides you with the opportunity to integrate and apply classroom learning with professional experience. Concurrent with your academic experience, the MPH Practicum will allow you to observe and learn from practicing professionals and engage with real-world public health challenges. At the same time, organizations pursuing public health missions can draw on fresh perspectives and a wide range of public health skills from you and your fellow students as they contribute to a community's resources and to solving active public health problems. Working under the guidance and expertise of faculty and site supervisors, you will develop practical skills and confidence as a public health professional while gaining first-hand exposure to public health work. 

It is up to you to find, arrange, and complete a satisfactory field experience that fulfills the practicum requirements. The faculty, departments and the Office of Student Affairs are all here to help but you are ultimately responsible for finding a practicum that will meet your particular needs. Scheduling a meeting with your advisor and/or the Epidemiology Graduate Program Director and/or the SPH Manager of Experiential Learning is a good way to begin the process of identifying a practicum faculty advisor and a practicum site/site coordinator.

A comprehensive discussion of practicum requirements and resources can be found within the School of Public Health's MPH Practicum pages

Recent Practicum Topic Examples

Marta Haftek Marta Haftek
Practicum Site: Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest  
Topic: Marysville Community Sexual Health Needs Assessment 
Sara Chrisman Sara Chrisman
Practicum Site: Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center 
Topic: Barriers to Concussion Reporting in High School Athletes 
Corina Levine Corina Levine 
Practicum Site: Center for Cost Effectiveness Outcome, Sleep Apnea Research Group 
Topic: Data collection infrastructure: development of a data collection protocol & corresponding REDCap database