School of Public Health

Find a TA Position

Teaching assistantships (TAs) are appointed for specific courses by course instructors and paid directly through the UW. Priority for TA positions in the Department of Epidemiology is typically given to doctoral students in their second year and beyond.

Several of the larger, required epi methods courses, as well as some of the undergraduate epi courses, hire TAs every year. All open-hire opportunities for TA positions in the department are broadcast to students on a quarterly basis, and will also be posted here as they become available. Having performed well in the course, or having specialized skills or knowledge applicable to the course content, can be important factors in the hiring process.

Winter 2018 TA Openings:

Teaching Assistant for EPI 320 (2 positions at 25% FTE, 1 position at 50% FTE)
Three TA positions are open for EPI 320 through winter and spring quarters. Duties include attending all lectures, preparing and conducting quizzes and exams, preparing lectures for quiz sections, maintaining grade and attendance records, and more. Ideal candidates will be PhD students in Epidemiology but advanced master’s degree students in Epidemiology will also considered. 

Provide a cover letter and CV to Janet Baseman at Priority will be given to students who apply no later than October 12, 2017.


Teaching Assistant for EPI 360 (2 positions at 25% FTE; OR 1 position at 50% FTE)
Duties include assisting instructors with course management, co-developing class quizzes and exams, provide feedback to students on research paper, lead one of the weekly small group quiz sessions, present one lecture on a topic developed in collaboration with the instructors, and more. Content knowledge of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology is not required but will be extremely valuable. If you took Epi 530 or Epi 360 in the past, that would be beneficial.

Provide a cover letter and CV to Steve Hawes at or Jen Balkus at by October 25, 2017.

Some students have success finding TA positions in other departments both inside and outside the School of Public Health. As is the case with the Department of Epidemiology, other departments will prioritize their own students for TA positions. However, if you have a background in a field outside epidemiology you may want to inquire with the related department about TA opportunities.

Pay rates for TAs are determined by the Graduate School. 

TA positions that total 20 hours a week for a quarter (or two 10 hour a week positions combined) cover tuition at the Washington state resident level (excluding fees). Out of state tuition can be waived if necessary. 

Eligible TAs receive excellent health coverage – medical, dental, and vision care – through the Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP). Contact the program for questions about eligibility and enrollment.

If appointed, you are expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code and maintain good academic standing.