School of Public Health

Diversity Committee

The Department of Epidemiology’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was formed in 2016 to support the Department’s efforts to create a more welcoming community for all students, faculty, and staff. The DEI Committee was also established to help guide Departmental change and evaluation on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, both in the classroom and out. 

The Committee consists of up to 15 active members, including students, faculty, and staff. A faculty chairperson is appointed by the Department Chair and the Committee also votes internally each year on a student co-chair (2nd year graduate student or above). Meetings occur monthly, with the goal of reviewing progress on current projects, setting priorities for future efforts, and being an active group poised to participate in departmental DEI initiatives broadly. 


  • Consulted on development of new learning objectives to accompany the new school-wide competency on DEI.
  • Provided guidance to the Curriculum Committee on tools for assessing DEI and classroom climate in student evaluations.
  • Developed a DEI Glossary of terms to encourage affirming, informed, and supportive conversations throughout the department.
  • Met with external evaluators to discuss issues of DEI as part of a school-wide DEI assessment.
  • Supported programming for diverse students entering the Department 
  • Hosted a mental health specialist as part of an effort to encourage Department conversations about balancing mental and emotional health with academic work.
  • Efforts to provide comprehensive anti-racism and DEI training to faculty and staff, with an emphasis on these topics and the field of epidemiology.
  • Collaboration with department leadership to encourage incorporation of more DEI discussion into forums for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Serving as a source of information about SPH and UW-led DEI initiatives.
  • Providing guidance and support for student/faculty/staff concerns about DEI within the department, in general or based on experiences.

We currently have vacancies on the DEI Committee, and we are seeking faculty, staff and students who would like to serve as members for the 2017-18 academic year. Your input is invaluable, and it is extremely important that our committee represents the diverse voices of our department. 

What is the time commitment?
The committee meets on a monthly basis, with some additional work outside of the meetings. We always have an action item list that keeps our mission moving forward, with some months busier than others.
How do I apply? 
Send your resume/CV and responses to the three questions below to
  1. Tell us why and how you would like to contribute to the mission of the Epi DEI Committee (300 words max)
  2. Tell us about your experience being part of an organization that promotes or advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) or another role that gives you experience working in a group setting?  (300 words max)
  3. Tell us something about you! Personal and/or professional goals, hobbies, favorite places, etc. (300 words max)
We look forward to hearing from you! 
Your Epidemiology DEI Committee