School of Public Health

2016 Awards

Faculty, Staff, and Student Honors


Ali Rowhani-Rahbar

Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

On May 13, gathered in the UW Center for Urban Horticulture, Professor Ali Rowhani-Rahbar was honored with the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award at the annual School of Public Health Excellence Awards. A comment made by one of Dr. Ali’s students read: “Professor Rowhani-Rahbar epitomizes what it means to be a teacher.” He has a natural ability to engage a diverse group of students. What makes his teaching so effective is his ability to lead his students towards understanding without discouragement. He is able to analyze a student’s train of thought, truly enriching comprehension in his classes. Most importantly, his teaching style has inspired countless students.



Kevin Schuda

UW Distinguished Staff Award Nominee

At a university-wide reception on February 19, we celebrated Kevin Schuda's nomination for the UW Distinguished Staff Award. Kevin became a member of the Department's Student Academic Services Office (Epi SAS) a few years ago during a reorganization. For a year the Epi SAS Office was without a manager, operating at only two-thirds of the usual staffing level. Kevin stepped up to the challenge by broadening his areas of responsibility, especially through his interactions with large numbers of prospective and admitted students. His level of institutional and departmental knowledge is vast and has been an immensely valuable resource. This nomination represents UW's highest honor by recognizing those who create a world of good through their hard work, dedication and selfless spirit.



Sylvia Badon

Magnuson Scholar

For her academic merit and outstanding potential, Sylvia Badon was named the School of Public Health's prestigious Magnuson Scholar for 2016-17. She is one of six students in UW Health Sciences who will receive $30,000 each to support their studies. The award is named in memory of Senator Warren G. Magnuson. “I’m so honored and grateful to join the community of Magnuson Scholars,” Badon says. “This award will allow me to travel to Denmark to work with the Danish National Birth Cohort as part of my ongoing dissertation research.” During her time at the UW, she has also won the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Fellowship; the Reproductive, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology Fellowship; the Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship; and the Epidemiology Congress of the Americas Travel Scholarship.